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Why buy factory made off the rack designer clothes when you can indulge in a truly personal bespoke demi-couture piece at the same price level,

but responsibly made with love and tailored to your body, personality and taste.

Price range 900-7,500 EU


RVDK offers old school couture at luxury ready-to-wear prices made with rare

and high-end existing materials and tailored to your preference by experienced local tailors, dressmakers and artisans. We hand pick these exclusive high-end and couture fabrics from leftover stock and rare vintage fabric collections from around the world. 


We practice what we preach; since day one we are the pioneers in true sustainable luxury and upcycling at the highest level. We stand for guilt free luxury.

We are part of the ultra-exclusive circle of around 30 couture houses worldwide to show twice a year at Paris Couture Week, invited by the ‘Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’, the official organization.



Browse through our demi-couture catalogue and select the look(s) that you love. 

You will be invited to visit our atelier in the center of Amsterdam.

During this one-on-one appointment we will discuss your wishes and likes and take your measurements. Do not be intimidated; we work with all body types and have a vast experience in couture and bespoke tailoring. 

We understand that every client has a different body shape.  

We know how to make clothes that make you look and feel good.

You buy something timeless that becomes a piece of you.

We can also do an online appointment.

For inquiries please contact us

+31 6 553 302 30

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