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Waterfall suit €XXXX EU

Waterfall suit €XXXX EU


(50% pre-payment required of a total of €XXXX)


One of a kind high-end mindful fashion statements for an individual demanding client, tailored specifically at the highest standards to the wearer's measurements, body stance and special requirements.


Hand tailored jacket with draped carved stone appliquéd waterfall collar Suede trouser with embossed leather insert


Upon request RVDK offers world wide exclusivity for the garment: true one-of-a-kind


Each piece is made with unique and unusual, high-end existing materials, using time consuming traditional sewing techniques and hand finishing, with extreme attention to detail. 


Used materials:

- Black silk crepe de chine 

- Waterfall 

- Suede

- Embossed leather insert


Upon order-placement a sample toile is made for a first fitting session on location. The actual piece is created after applying the fit modifications to the first toile. When necessary, additional modifications will be applied to the garment at a final fitting.



We offer a 50% discount, artist proof price, on our creations when we can modify the orginal piece to your specifications. 

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