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A one of a kind responsible and above all personal statement celebrating that special moment in your life.

For a demanding client, tailored specifically at the highest standards to the wearer's measurements, body stance and special requirements.

During a studio visit, visit on location or through a zoom meeting we can discuss your demands to create the dress of your dreams

Ronald will propose original sketches, ideas, fabrics, laces and embellishments, creating an original and personal piece of art for that unique occasion.

Each piece is made with rare unusual, high-end existing materials, using time consuming traditional sewing techniques and hand finishing, with extreme attention to detail.

​Innovative embellishment techniques can be applied to create original artistic expressions.

Upon order-placement a sample toile is made for a first fitting session on location. The actual piece is created after applying the fit modifications to the first toile.

When necessary, additional modifications will be applied to the garment at a final fitting.

We will do our utmost to make your personality and beauty shine and make it an unforgettable moment.

For inquiries please contact us

+31 6 55 33 02 30

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